Bluetooth Toothbrush
Bluetooth Toothbrush

World’s First Ever Electric Bluetooth Toothbrush

A bluetooth toothbrush?

Not too many of us really think about the details of brushing our teeth. It’s more of a chore and you do it as quickly as you can so you can get on with other things – but what if I said that having good teeth gives you better chances of picking up? Now I have your attention….

Most people brush their teeth with a quick poke here and flick there, this isn’t a good way to keep your teeth clean and healthy. To do a thorough job, you need to spend a good 2 minutes brushing. To brush correctly, you have to divide your mouth into four quadrants and spend 30 seconds brushing in each quadrant. This could get annoying with a timer if you’re brushing twice a day and that’s where this new Oral-B SmartSeries 7000 comes in handy. It times your brushing by connecting to a timer device (via bluetooth) that sits on your bathroom bench top.  Not only that, if you press too hard when brushing a red light goes on to warn you and when you’re done with the cleaning cycle a green light comes on to let you know.

bluetooth toothbrush

This bluetooth toothbrush has a few different brush tips that you can easy change to use with the 6 different modes of cleaning:

  • Daily clean
  • Deep clean
  • Whitening
  • Massage
  • Sensitive clean
  • Tongue cleaning

bluetooth toothbrush

It comes with an epic over the top case to hold the electric handle and brush in case you take it travelling and a leather pouch for the timer device. The timer doubles up as a bathroom clock which is handy. It’s also a mood changer, it’s hard to feel sad when there’s a smiley face looking at you… even if it’s just a LED display.

bluetooth toothbrush

The battery on the toothbrush lasts up to 20 brushes. Overall, it’s a pretty handy device and you’ll definitely know that you’re spending enough time on your teeth by the number of stars you get and if the little guy smiles or frowns at you. The bluetooth toothbrush set comes in both black and white colour options.

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