Drones Are Fun
Drones Are Fun

Drones | Why I Had To Get One

A few months ago I saw this clip circling around the web that featured spectacular drone footage of Sydney. It flew along the harbour, hovered over the Sydney Opera House and glided over Bondi beach…

Shot with DJI Phantom + GoPro

I had to get one. I started watching other drone videos on You Tube and Vimeo, figured out what I wanted and set out to acquire one…


In less than a week I had a shiny new drone in my hands, thanks to the good fellas at CrazyHobbies.com.au. These guys really know their stuff, they stepped me through the different models before I had made my final decision and even gave me some brief training on how to use it after I’d handed over my hard earned cash.


Super stoked with my new quad propeller flying machine, I brought it home all fired up only to find that it would rain consecutively for the next 4 weeks.


I managed to take the drone for a spin last weekend at the local skate park, here’s a shot I took of a guy on the ramp…

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.53.42 pm

While I go and practice my droning, enjoy this aerial clip of people drone boning…

Check out CrazyHobbies.com.au – if you need any help ask for Oscar, he’s da man.

Warning: Drones can be dangerous and cause serious damage if not used responsibly, there are restrictions on where and how high you can fly them so if you’re going to buy one, make sure you read up on the CASA rules first.

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