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With a sleek and suave design, Triumph and Disaster’s range of skin care for men is an essential bathroom addition, not only for its natural, earth-derived ingredients, but for its aesthetically pleasing packaging.

New Zealand born founder and former Cricketer, Dion Nash was inspired to name the brand after a line in a poem which details what it is to be a man, and fittingly so, it is the company’s mission to practise what the poem preaches; honesty and integrity.

Triumph & DisasterTriumph & Disaster have it down pat when it comes to producing quality made grooming products with an incredibly handsome aesthetic.

The brand, which offers shaving, cleansing and moisturising products for men, has managed to find the perfect balance between old and new, featuring hints of masculine vintage spice complemented by fresh citrus fragrances.

The exotic earth-friendly ingredients are sourced both locally and from around the globe, and boast elements such as; volcanic ash, green clay and horopito oil.

Triumph & DisasterTriumph & Disaster’s Founder, Dion Nash.

Fit for everyone from the rocker to the high roller, Triumph and Disaster provide unique products for any man who likes to maintain his appearance with more than just run of the mill bathroom accessories.

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