How To Lift Your Sock Game

While socks may appear to be just an irrelevant piece of clothing at the base of our bodies, there’s no denying that there’s a market out there for them. Although you don’t tend to spend a whole lot of time talking about which socks brands are worth checking out, recent trends in the last few years have made it very evident that the rolled cuff is 100% a thing. With this kind of style being all the rage, it goes without saying that your ankle is going to get a lot more exposure – in other words, there’s no better time to lift your sock game.

So don’t get caught wearing the wrong socks and check our list below of 7 sock brands that are currently on our radar.


Happy Socks | Buy From: Happy Socks

Swedish brand, Happy Socks was first founded in 2008 following a simple idea between two close friends: to spread happiness by turning an everyday essential into a colourful design piece with a rigid standard of ultimate quality, craftsmanship and creativity. Fast forward six years later and you’ll find that Happy Socks is stocked in over 70 countries with the brand only getting and better each year.

Don't Get Caught Wearing The Wrong Socks


Alfredo Gonzales Socks | Buy From: Alfredo Gonzales

Alfredo Gonzales is inspired by the pseudo-mythical life of Mexican skateboarder, Alfredo Gonzales, a Zacatecas native who moved to New York and worked at a sock factory after he won 100 pesos and a donkey from a drinking contest. Alfredo Gonzales serves as a sock brand that offers an array of vibrantly designed styles that bridge the gap between dress socks and everyday socks.  



Anonymous Ism Socks | Buy From: Need Supply Co.

Japanese brand, Anonymous Ism features an array of sock designs consisting of neutral colours and subtle prints, perfect if you’re a guy that doesn’t want to get too crazy with his sock choice. Each pair is created by the company’s experts, ensuring high quality is present across each and every product.

Don't Get Caught Wearing The Wrong Socks


Odd Future Socks | Buy From: Surfstitch

L.A. Hip Hop collective, Odd Future are probably better known for their wildly offensive lyrics than their socks, however, their apparel line does offer a pretty nice collection of printed socks. Most notably, the group’s iconic donut print (pictured below).

Don't Get Caught Wearing The Wrong Socks


Vanishing Elephant Socks | Buy From: General Pants

Better known for their impeccably designed clothing ranges, Sydney based brand Vanishing Elephant has it pretty down pat when it comes to socks. Offering a range of both printed and plain designs, Vanishing Elephant’s sock range makes for a great shoe/sock combo. The proof is in the photo below.

Don't Get Caught Wearing The Wrong Socks


Stance Socks | Buy From: SurfStitch

Californian sock brand, Stance is a brand that solely specialises in socks. With an extremely broad range of printed socks, plain socks and ankle socks (perfect to go with your summer shorts), Stance is dedicated to the spirit of individuality with a design philosophy that believes in expression and function.

Don't Get Caught Wearing The Wrong Socks


Urban Eccentric Socks | Buy From: ASOS

ASOS’s in-house brand, Urban Eccentric features a collection of wacky, colourful prints, great for the guy who likes to show off a bit of colour with his rolled cuff. Available in five packs and singles packs, Urban Eccentric socks are a vibrant and extremely affordable accessory.

Don't Get Caught Wearing The Wrong Socks


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