AS Colour | Melbourne Store Now Open

Brunswick Street in the trendy Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy just got a little bit cooler with the recent opening of the first AS Colour store in Victoria. Previously only in Sydney, the brand has opened the gates to ‘basics heaven’, offering the people of Melbourne a plethora of quality blank garments.


After the brains behind the brand recognised an increased demand for high quality blank apparel being driven by creative young start-up designers, AS Colour was born. With it came basics in all sizes, colours and shapes inviting local Australian designers to put their own unique stamp on the product.

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Originally designed to be a starting point for other designers, boys and girls across the country have started wearing them unprinted and as a result their range has grown rapidly since the company’s inception in 2005.

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If you want to find out a little bit more about the brand follow this link and check out the AS Colour bi-annual t-shirt design competition, Little Help Project. You will find a bunch of awesome designs from all the finalists as well as past winners from previous years.

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Everybody could do with something from AS Colour so if you’re in Sydney or Melbourne make your way there ASAP. For everyone else, head to their online store and stock up on your tees, shorts, bags and caps for the fast approaching summer months.

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