Key Contraptions

5 Cool Keyring Contraptions

Most keyrings tend to be a novelty rather than an asset, but with a number of interesting keyring designs out there, it’s not impossible to find something that will also offer an array of benefits. Since the availability of USB key rings, it’s started to become more and more apparent that there are indeed certain ways to make the most out of your keyring choice.

With this in mind, we’ve listed 5 of the best keyring contraptions that we’ve come across, factoring in benefits, practicality and appearance.


Bluelounge – Kii Lightning iPhone/iPad Charge Key | $50 | Buy From: Rushfaster

The Kii Lightning iPhone/iPad Charge Key serves as a portable iPhone charger – minus the long tangle-prone cord. Weighing in at 0.03 kgs, Bluelounge’s Charge Key makes for an incredibly light weight, no-fuss companion, eliminating that pesky cable hunting when your phone is on its last 10%.

KeyringsAlso available in Black.


George Frost – Shoehorn Bottle Opener | $101 | Buy From: Izola

While a bottle opener on a keyring may seem somewhat typical, you still can’t deny the countless amount of times that you’ve tried to crack open a beer, and there’s not a bottle opener in site. Eliminate those unfortunate times and invest in a cool bottle opener keyring, because when a man needs a beer… he needs a beer.



Bad Goods – The Fix-It Utility Keychain | $20 | Buy From: Karmaloop

Sydney based brand, Bad Goods creates accessories with a heavy emphasis on street culture. The Fix-It Utility Keychain is a 6-in-1 stainless steel keychain that features a philips head and flat head screwdriver, a bottle opener, and a straight blade and serrated blade knife – how’s that for versatility?



Good Worth – Noose Bottle Opener Keychain | $25 | Buy From: Urban Outfitters

Mixing the idea of something fun with a healthy injection of morbidity, Good Worth’s Noose Bottle Opener keychain serves as a quirky, yet slightly dark take on the classic bottle opener keychain.



Huckberry – Everyday Carry Kit 2.0 | $65 | Buy From: Huckberry

US store, Huckberry sells and creates products for the modern adventurer, always keeping practicality and aesthetic in mind. Their EDC Kit 2.0 is a revamp of their earlier, top selling EDC kit. Huckberry’s EDC Kit 2.0 features a box cutter, mini lighter, inchworm, bottle opener, flat head screw driver, wrench, ruler and so much more.



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