HyperGrand Interview | A Fresh Perspective On Watches

When it comes to watches, HyperGrand continually create products that inject a fresh perspective, leaving the classics as the status quo. We caught up with HyperGrand’s founder, Leroy Xavier Zhong.

How did you get into designing watches? 

What I noticed about watches is that they are an exceptionally strong symbol of a person’s individual expression. To go a little more extreme, I think watches tend to be an extension of a person’s character. With that said, I love watches, but at the same time feel that the watch market is turning into an array of accessories rather than design statements. With my mechanical and aerospace engineering background on hand, I decided to dwell into watch designing (they say that if you can design aerospace components, you can design anything) to fill that very gap of unique timepieces that doesn’t just tell the time, but serves as outlets of individual expression.


HyperGrand designs always look quite unique, is avoiding looking like rehashed classics part of the game plan?

Classics represent the characteristics of a past era. HyperGrand’s game plan was to take a broad view of what represents the era we live in, and make classics of our own time. In my opinion, our era is represented by one hyper-fast paced, deeply diversified world filled with unique individuals. That is why HyperGrand’s designs come with a wide range of interchangeable NATO straps that can represent any mood, occasion and sense of style of the moment.

How does the NATO strap work?

A NATO strap is a simple utilitarian stroke of genius that consists of a series of loops and buckles, that allows you to change it off a watch without using a watch strap tool. You simply pull the strap in and out of these loops and it comes off a watch under 5 seconds.

What fashion labels are you into at the moment?

Publish, I Love Ugly, and Staple.


Finish these sentences:

The best thing about my job is… hitting the office swimming pool for a lap of inspiration. Anytime.

Three men who i’d say have a great sense of style are… Nick Wooster, Pharrell Williams, and Justin Theroux.

Three Instagram accounts i’d recommend checking out are… @hypebeast, @wornandwound, @complex.

Three online fashion stores i like are… Revolve Clothing, Norse Store, Mr Porter.

What’s next for HyperGrand?

To keep challenging the status quo in watches. It may be NATO straps today, we might invent another way of wearing watches tomorrow.


Shop HyperGrand online at hypergrand.com or find an Australian stockist here.

Facebook: facebook.com/hypergrandofficial

Instagram: @hypergrandofficial

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