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Cycling has seen a significant rise in popularity over the past few years. It’s a great way to keep fit and it definitely beats sitting in traffic. There are also some great designs out there that ooze style.

Hailing from Sydney, Chappelli Cycles produce design focused bikes. Pablo Chappelli and Tom Davies started the company in 2009 and specialise in urban bikes with a classic aesthetic for people who value excellent design at impressive prices.  Having sold over 10,000 bicycles in Australia and Europe since 2009, Chappelli opened stores in  Sydney & Melbourne in 2013.

We had a chat with Tom at Chappelli about their highly praised designs and cycling in Australia.

Chappelli Cycles

What inspired you to start Chappelli?

Chappelli was started because we wanted to create our own bicycle brand that offered great style and quality at an affordable price. When we started, fixies were really trendy and bike shops were selling them at $800+. We offered them direct to our consumers for less than half that and our customers still remark on how cheap our bikes are compared to other brands. Since then we’ve won an Australian International Design Award for our bicycle designs and have expanded our range to focus on urban riders.

Who are your biggest fans?

We get a lot of love from architects, designers, hospitality folk and students. Infact anyone that loves great design. We did a customer survey recently and over 95% of our customers said they valued great design above everything else.

Which Chappelli bike is your favourite?

My favourite Chappelli is the NuVinci bicycle (pictured below) that we won our Design Award for. There is simply nothing else on the market like it. It doesn’t have gears in the conventional sense, only levels of resistance so its a really smooth ride and its been designed to not get rusty, dirty or lose efficiency over time. Its an amazing piece of technology.

Chappelli Cycles

Do you ride to work?

Yes, I ride to Botany from Bondi most days. It’s a 25km round-trip that takes about 30 minutes each way on my trusty Chappelli 3 speed. There is a massive hill each way which provides a good level of resistance and it’s faster than driving with the benefit of doing my exercise for the day!

What’s your favourite area to ride in Sydney?

I really like riding up around Palm Beach and some of the hills around there. I don’t get up there very often unfortunately but when I do I love it. Its great riding with some fantastic hills, beautiful views and not too much traffic.

Chappelli Cycles

Exclusive Offer: Mention Hey Gents in store to get a free bike lock with your purchase. 

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