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We caught up with Yeo Haus, one of the most exciting, young brands out there at the moment. They’ve been making waves recently with their collection of surf-inspired casual wear. Co-founder of the brand, Willis filled us in on the story behind Yeo Haus and the debut winter collection.

Where does Yeo Haus hail from? 

Yeo Haus is from a tree lined, family orientated street in Adelaide called Yeo Ave. A few of us migrated up to Adelaide from the surf towns of the south coast (Victor Harbor) and we spent our spare time drawing, sewing, screen printing, skating, surfing, making videos, anything that could hold time from conforming to society basically.

How many people are involved?

In any company you have to have someone keeping your toes from the struggle and your heads out of the clouds but I’d like to say there’s no big dog. It really is a family – an ever growing family that contributes to the Yeo Haus image.

What inspired you to start the brand?

I guess the reason Yeo Haus started was to let other wanderers know there is a family out there for them. Not all wanderers are lost, we can all wander together. We can enjoy the good times together. We can all move our feet to the same beat.

How would you describe the brands image?

This can be different for everyone and being fresh out the womb, it’s hard to hold a strong identity straight out. Personally I describe the image as being free, living life and having a wild ride.

What’s the story behind your latest collection?

The winter range was created around a trip I took to Byron Bay, chasing a gypsy who took my heart with her to the land of the lost. What I went through and how I came out of it is reflected in the garments.

The yin-yang symbol features quite heavily in the collection. What was your inspiration for that?

A yin-yang symbolises balance. You have to have balance in life otherwise you’ll be walking around in circles. There’s going to be bad in your life, but when you see the bad and are absorbed it, it’s really hard to find the good. You may have to take a step back and find the good but it is everywhere. Find it and take it in any form, from duck diving the first wave of the morning to having a toke and putting on some fine tunes – I suggest Paul Kelly or Nick Cave, but that’s just me. ‘The Yew Haus is a slang term for good times & good vibes. When you see something in the surf that excites you, your reaction is hollering out ‘yew’ in a high pitch. Pretty straight forward, celebrate the good times, exhale the bad.

Store: yeohaus.com

Instagram: @yeohaus

Facebook: facebook.com/yeohaus

Snapchat: yeohaus

See below, a preview of the Yeo Haus Winter Collection: “Inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit.”

View the entire collection here.

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