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Top 5 | Raw Denim Jeans

Raw or dry denim, unlike washed denim, is a denim that doesn’t go through a typical washing cycle after the initial dying process. You’ll notice straight away after picking up a fresh pair of raw denim jeans that the denim will have a much tougher exterior. The benefit of this is that, as the denim is in its original state, the fabric hasn’t yet been softened or weakened by the washing process, meaning the denim will offer a longer lifetime.

The amount of wears one would get out of a pair of raw denim jeans would be considerably greater than that of a washed pair – so it kind of goes without saying that a pair of raw denim jeans should serve as a wardrobe essential for every guy.

Check out our picks below of what we consider to be some of the best raw denim styles currently on the market.


Nudie Jeans Co. | Thin Finn Organic Dry Twill

raw denim jeans nudie jeans co

Buy From: Need Supply Co. AU$179


Acne Studios | Max Raw Jeans

raw denim jeans acne studios

Buy From: Farfetch. AU$214


Naked & Famous Denim | Skinny Guy 11.5Oz Deep Indigo Stretch Selvedge

raw denim jeans naked & famous denim

Buy From: Revolve. AU$177


Saturdays Surf NYC | Luke Denim Jeans

raw denim jeans saturdays surf nyc

Buy From: Incu. AU$180


A.P.C. | New Standard Jean

raw denim jeans A.P.C.

Buy From: End. AU$192

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