Taylor Morris Eyewear
Taylor Morris Eyewear

Taylor Morris Eyewear | Interview

Taylor Morris is a British eyewear label based in London. The designs are a welcome step forward for modern eyewear, offering unique styles that draw inspiration from cultural and fashion icons such as James Dean, J. F. Kennedy and Steve McQueen.

We caught up with Taylor Morris co-designer, Hugo Taylor.

What inspired you to start designing sunglasses?

Very simply that we both bloody love sunglasses. We derive so much joy from designing and wearing them.

What sets your designs apart from other eyewear labels?

We are a resolutely British label which draws influence from sartorial elegance and other stylistic traits depending on the collection. Our first collection was influenced by  timeless Hollywood glamour and our second collection by Rock and Roll chic. Our designs are classical yet rebellious which in essence is an extenuation of our characters.

Taylor Morris Eyewear

What are some of your favourite fashion labels at the moment?

We both adore Belstaff, Balmain and Double RL. We love strong and individualistic design.

What is the best thing about your job?

People always say not to work with friends but at Taylor Morris our working environment is based around this. Charlie and I are best friends and this adds a lot to our design process in that we can be open, honest and supportive of any ideas thrown into the mix. We also love to travel and now that Taylor Morris is spreading its wings across Europe, the Middle East and Asia it is allowing us to see new parts of the world.

Name three things you would never wear.

A onesie – they are the ultimate expression of laziness – I could just about handle seeing some one wear one at home on a Sunday but outside the house is criminal! A bold striped shirt with a patterned tie – sartorial suicide. Swimming trunks below the knee.

Taylor Morris Eyewear

Finish these sentences:

I hate it when… there is a queue at the cinema ticket line and I am late for the movie.

My favourite place to go on holiday is… Porto Cervo in Sardinia.

The best thing about the weekend is…  Premier League Football and sleeping. We are a young business and that requires a lot of work so during the week sleep is put on the back burner.

What I’m really looking forward to right now is… our next collection. Launching before Christmas, it sees us look to bohemian and ethnic chic. We understand that this was in a few years ago but our interpretation brings in more structure and formality.

In ten years I see myself… ten years older and i hope ten years wiser.

Taylor Morris Eyewear

Three men who i’d say have a great sense of style are… Charlie Casley-Hayford. He is one of my oldest friends and has the most unique style I know. He is a major talent and the pinnacle of modern British men’s fashion. Keith Richards because without giving a shit he always looks so fucking cool. David Beckham, the guy always looks so sharp and has been a stylistic influence from a young age.

Three Instagram accounts i’d recommend checking out are… National Geographic – the best photographic content  for nature. NASA – the best photographic for science. Nina Agdal and Ashley Sky – I am male and apologise profusely if my girlfriend Natalie Joel reads this but she understands!

Three online fashion stores i like are… Harvey Nichols online is amazing, as is Serge DeNimes for t-shirts. Finally I have to say Taylor Morris Eyewear! Hahaha.

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