We Talk With Stolen Girlfriends Club

A youthful rebellious spirit, a healthy sense of humour, and the ability to entertain and empower – these are the rules outlined by New Zealand label, Stolen Girlfriends Club, and we think it’s safe to say, the brand emulates exactly that. Don’t believe us? Google it.

Since first landing on the scene in 2005, Stolen Girlfriends Club has produced a phenomenal offering of quality designed garments, accessories and jewellery. Most recently, the brand ventured into eyewear, releasing their first ever range of sunglasses that, as one can imagine, followed suit with their already impeccable range of products.

With New Zealand Fashion Week right around the corner, Stolen Girlfriends Club is about to feature for their eighth time, and if their previous shows are anything to go by, it should be pretty damn good.

We had the privilege of speaking to Stolen Girlfriend Club’s Co-Founder and Creative Director, Marc Moore.

Stolen Girlfriends Club

Waking up each morning as a Creative Director, what do you look most forward to in the working day?

Coffee! I have this morning ritual where I make some toast and coffee, then sit down and troll through Tumblr looking for inspiration. Even though this is before I get to the actual office, it’s still part of my working day. It’s also nice to have some time to yourself before you’re immersed in emails, the phone ringing, team-meetings etc.

What’s the thing you look least forward to?

Emails! They rule my life at the moment. Sometimes my whole day is spent fielding emails and I wonder if I could spend my time elsewhere.

Stolen Girlfriends Club A snapshot of Stolen Girlfriends Club’s AW14 ‘Dirty Magic’ campaign.

What emerging brands do you currently have under your radar that you would recommend? (We trust you).

There’s not so many ‘new’ brands that I’m really digging at the moment. Most of the new ones that are getting attention/hype are predominantly based around the trend of gothic streetwear. I really feel this trend is going to be short-lived and I wonder if these brands will be able to develop/adapt – that’s the true challenge.

Some brands that I always love to see are:

RAF SIMONS X RUBY STERLING – I’m treating this as a new brand because it’s a new partnership between a designer and an artist. Their FW14 collection is one of my favourite ever men’s collections! I’m going to save up to buy one of their coats – we can call it an ‘investment’ piece.

NEIL BARRETT – He’s been around for a long time but I feel he has a new design team or something, because the last two or three collections have been so cool!! Real clean graphic streetwear I guess you’d call it.

JUUN. J – His stuff is pretty conceptual, but the execution and ideas are so spot on. Quite futuristic and seemingly bullet-proof sometimes. I bought one of his troll-children tee’s when i was in LA, I’ve never had so many compliments on a t-shirt (other than our ones haha!).

KOMAKINO – This is a great brand. Fairly understated in their marketing etc – meaning their clothes are way better than a whole bunch of hyped brands at the moment but they seem to let their product do the talking which is also nice. I got to see some of their garments in the flesh when I was in Milan, I was really impressed with the impeccable construction. A modern take on utility or military-wear.

I know this is for a men’s website but i’m going to list some women’s brands that are cool. Never know, might help some guys to buy their girls a present they actually like.

FAUSTO PUGLISI – Sex on a stick! His stuff is perhaps the most sexy, and the quality is amazing (the price isn’t though).

ASHISH – His sequinned jeans are next level – some of the coolest shit I’ve seen around at the moment. Such a simple idea, taking a pair of baggy blue boyfriend jeans, covering them all in shiny sequins, then sandblasting them and ripping them and calling them ‘couture’ and putting a $1200 USD price-tag on them – ingenious!!

MOSCHINO BY JEREMY SCOTT – Loving the first two collections he put out. Made Moschino so much cooler and also current with a younger generation. The accessories are really cool and quite affordable ($95 for a phone cover).

Stolen Girlfriends ClubStolen Girlfriend Club’s ‘Last Night’s Party’ AW11 collection featured at New Zealand Fashion Week, 2010.

With New Zealand Fashion Week right around the corner, what can we look forward to seeing this year?

Probably a whole lot of black?! We love a bit of black, we are victims of our climate and surroundings I guess. I think NZ designers are great at doing knitwear so expect to see some amazing stuff in this department. Brands I always like to see here in NZ are: Zambesi, Nom*D, and Huffer.

So you’re like a big fashion designer now, was that always the plan?

Haha I wouldn’t say big!  I’m only 80kg’s.

No, it wasn’t always the plan. I had no idea what i wanted to do until I was about 28. I just went through life trying to enjoy it as much as possible, and whatever I was doing for work I tried to learn as much as possible from each role – thinking that the skills I’d pick up would help me in my dream job one day (whatever that may be). Let’s see, firstly in about 1993 there was chopping firewood, then there was ‘surfboard repairs’, then there was ‘retail’ at the local surf-store, then there was ‘warehouse despatch’ for a surf-brand, then there was a ‘sales’ role with the same brand, then a ‘brand-manager’ for a different surf-brand which led me to starting my own label in 2005.

I think there’s so much pressure on young people to work out what they are going to do but sometimes it doesn’t hit you until later on. You can’t force these things, and you don’t want to end up committed to something you hate. Better to try a whole bunch of different things, work out at least what you don’t want to do, pick up some skills and when that lightning bolt hits you in the head and you know what you were ‘born’ to do, go forth and conquer.

Obviously, when venturing into anything creative, there’s always going to be somebody with an opinion. Was there a lot of this in the beginning? If so, how did you work through this when trying to launch SGC?

Oh yeah! Many critics! Mainly because we were rookies. We had no idea what we were doing. We didn’t even know how to use a sewing machine or cut a pattern. We just had good ideas, knew what we wanted and how to market it to create a following and a brand. We always felt that the brand would outlast the products so it was important to spend our focus on building that. When I look back, those critics had every right to hate on us.  We were so cocky and naive, but full of that youthful bravado. Luckily for us there were a few talented people that believed in us and our vision, and they helped us or directed us to people that could bring our ideas to life.

Stolen Girlfriends ClubL to R: Stolen Girlfriends Club Founders, Marc Moore, Luke Harwood and Daniel Gosling.

Finish off these sentences:

I’m never not… Listening to music.

The last place I went on holiday was… Coachella.

In ten years I see myself… Listening to music at Coachella.

What I’m really looking forward to right now is… Finishing our new FW15 collection for NZ fashion week and getting to show everyone at our show! Please god, don’t let it rain and don’t let it be windy.

Three dudes that you would say have an impeccable sense of style, GO:  Michael Pitt, King Krule, dominic Haydn Rawle.


You can shop Stolen Girlfriends Club’s latest SS14 collection, ‘Verbal Warninghere.

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