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Boutique Limited Run Menswear | An Interview with Circle Park

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With a strong focus on simplicity and quality, Circle Park’s clothing is hand made from start to finish in Sydney. Their approach to clothing is a refreshing step away from the world of fast fashion and offshore manufacturing.

We caught up with head designer, Tim Turner-Sutton.

What inspired you to start designing clothes?

It kinda just organically happened. While working in advertising I started cutting and sewing pieces of my wardrobe together and people started asking me to do the same for them. Before long I was getting requests to make custom pieces, and before i knew it my passion project was quickly turning into an exciting full time business. I did however have one major hurdle. I had absolutely no experience in the fashion industry. I needed specialised skills, so I sold off most of what I owned and spent the next year learning hands-on in factories how to bring a collection to life.

What sets your designs apart from other labels?

We craft without compromise, the most simple and clean version of what each design could be, making an honest, beautifully constructed garment. To take this endeavor to the next level, this year we made the decision to bring all of our production back to Sydney. Now collaborating with up-and-coming musicians, photographers, tattoo artists and other creatives, we only release innovative and original collections with limited edition runs, hand made from start to finish right here in Sydney, Australia.

Circle Park

What the best thing about your job?

Creating things, bringing them to life and getting to do it with people I respect as artists and friends. I have always loved making things and turning them into a reality, from my legos as a kid to fashion, now. The only difference is that instead of bringing things to life with my imagination, I now get to see them worn in their own unique way by a stranger in the street.. that’s pretty cool.

What are some of your favourite fashion labels at the moment?

Really digging the androgynous draping flavour of designers like Boris Bidjan Saberi, Ziggy Chen and Australian label Song for the Mute at their Syd fashion week closing show. Super cool. Always thought Balenciaga made the best off the rack suits and can’t forget a staple in my wardrobe, Alexander Wang. A good balance of function, style and great materials.

Name three things you would never wear.

I would love to say budgie smugglers.. But unfortunately I now own two pairs. One fluro pink and the other that says in big bold type ‘Huge in Japan’, thanks boys. Lets go with Birkenstocks and crocs for the other two.

Circle Park

Finish these sentences:

The best thing about living in Sydney is… the whole culture of the place. It’s hard to pigeon hole it into a single thing. It’s the lifestyle, people, beach, attitude to life and it’s hard to complain about 300 sunny days in the year.

I’m really looking forward to… dinner.

The best thing about Mondays is… spending a little leisurely time at those cafes and stores that are usually packed on the weekends

Three men who i’d say have a great sense of style are… Sean Connery which leads me to James Bond. James Dean and Johnny Depp off the top of my head. Guys that just wear clothes well and effortlessly, regardless of era.

Three Instagram accounts i’d recommend checking out are… @streetetiquette and @thecoolhunter_ are two of my favourite. @indiangiver is a pretty cool artist who shops tattoos on iconic figures.

Two online fashion stores i like are… ssense.com, grandsocial.com.au

Circle Park

What does Circle Park have planned for the future?

Please forgive the monologue but with cheap offshore manufacturing being so readily accessible and a fair few brands churning out hundreds of garments by the minute, clothes these days just don’t last like they used to. It’s created a mentality where customers almost expect their clothes to start breaking down after a year or so. It’s become all about business and the bottom line.

It hasn’t always been this way and it doesn’t necessarily have to be now either. By being boutique local, I can walk into our factory every day and make sure we’re producing the highest quality garments every single time. Our goal for the future is simply to make clothes worthy of our craft and we’ll do it by producing limited run garments whenever inspiration strikes. We can control the quality start to finish, support local industry and promote ethical and eco friendly manufacturing. It’s about buying less and getting more, every time.

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Circle Park

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