Effects From A Lack Of Sleep

5 Ways A Lack Of Sleep Affects Your Body

Whether it’s insomnia, TV binging or an addiction to late night clubbing, a lack of sleep will take its toll both mentally and physically. Some side effects are obvious while others may only hit you in the long run. We’ve broken down five consequences that may have you reconsidering your bedtime…


1. Red Eyes / Puffy Eyes

We’re sorry, but pulling off the hungover look without having a drop of alcohol isn’t the greatest skill to posses. If you want to avoid the stoner-chic appearance of bags under bloodshot eyes, Optrex ActiMist Eye Spray will hydrate and moisturise your eyes every time you blink. This is the perfect solution for anyone who ‘can’t do eye drops’. The spray is applied while your eye is closed and then spreads onto the surface after the particles are collected at the edges of your eyelids and lashes. Offering up to four hours relief, the spray will have you looking as fresh as ever.5 DAMAGING EFFECTS FROM A LACK OF SLEEP

2. Energy Deficiency

If you’re not a morning person, a lack of sleep isn’t going to help your cause. Losing out on the chance to recharge your body may have you resembling a dazed zombie as you spend the AM in autopilot avoiding interactions at all costs. With a lack of energy comes a lack of motivation, and this is a toxic combination for work/university/date night.

3. Kills Sex Drive

If you’re missing out on sleep, you’re most likely missing out in the bedroom (unless of course action is the reason you’re not sleeping). In the case it isn’t, a lack of sleep will result in low testosterone, and this is a side effect no gent should have to bear.Effects From A Lack Of Sleep

4. Weight Gain

Even if you’re killing it at the gym, it could all mean nothing if you’re not resting your body. Sleep loss will not only stimulate your appetite, but screw over your feeding schedule. If you’re confusing your body by having breakfast at lunchtime and dinner at midnight, it’s not going to react well.

5. Mood Swings

It doesn’t take much to snap when you’re running on only a couple of hours of shuteye. Wow you look tired” is undoubtedly the most hated sentence to hear when you’re tired and could result in a backlash you didn’t even know you could pull off.

In summary, even if you’d like to be one of those people who can run perfectly fine on 4 hours sleep a night, reality is you probably can’t. There’s both short term and long term effects that will be sure to show their ugly head – at least now you know how to avoid and fix them!

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