nike air pegasus
nike air pegasus

Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 | Where To Buy

Since the release of the original Nike Air Pegasus in 1983, this classic silhouette has undergone some transformations however it’s still kept the clean look it’s now known for.

We found the best stores to buy a pair of Nike Air Pegasus 30+ sneakers. Check out our list below.

Price (AUD) Shipping (AUD) Total (AUD)
mrporter.com (UK) 190.20 36.52 $226.72
nikestore.com.au 160.00 Free $160.00
theathletesfoot.com.au 159.95 Free $159.95
theiconic.com.au 159.95 Free $159.95
slashsport.com 139.95 Free $139.95
thenextpair.com.au 135.00 Free $135.00
eastbay.com (US) 85.27 42.63 $127.90
chainreactioncycles.com (UK) 110.49 Free $110.49
wiggle.com.au (UK) 84.38 Free $84.38

Our search included the Nike Air Pegasus 30+ in all colourways. We often found that different stores had different colours available, so check out a few different places if you’re after a particular colour.

If you’ve found a cheaper price somewhere else, let us know in the comments section.

Have your eye on another product? Drop us a line below.

(US price conversion based on an exchange rate of 1 USD = 1.07 AUD. UK price conversion based on store exchange rate. Check the current US exchange rate).

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