mens fashion basics on a budget

Men’s Fashion Basics On A Budget | Where To Buy

Here’s our guide to men’s fashion basics on a budget, dating hot girls and winning at life. Admittedly, it’s mostly just about the first topic but imagine how many drinks you could buy for that Miranda Kerr look-alike at the bar tonight with all your spare change!


mens fashion basics on a budgetAsos has a dedicated ‘Multi-Pack’ category, offering discounts on most essential items.

Crew Neck T-Shirt 2 Pack: $20 | Oxford Shirt 2-Pack: $71

Shop: Asos Multi-Packs


AS Colour

mens fashion basics on a budget

When it comes to AS Colour, basics are their thing. Great quality, heaps of colour & fit options, plus discounts for buying multiples.

Staple Tee: $20 | Oxford Shirt: $60

Shop: AS Colour


General Pants

mens fashion basics on a budget

The General Pants in house labels are great option for picking up some basics, regularly offering discounts for buying two of the same style.

Spencer Project Hoodie: $40 | Basic Crew Tee: 2 for $40

Shop: General Pants Everyday Essentials


The Iconic

mens fashion basics on a budget

The Iconic has low-cost basics on offer from a range of brands. Also, they usually have a large range of basics in their sale section.

Staple Superior Basic Crew Tee: $15 | Globe Basic Tee 2-Pack: $40

Shop: Basics at The Iconic


River Island

mens fashion basics on a budget

River Island’s ‘Wardrobe Essentials’ section includes a great range of popular items as well as a selection of ‘Buy Two & Save’ deals.

Zip-Through Hoodie: $40 | Poplin Shirt: $40

Shop: River Island Wardrobe Essentials



mens fashion basics on a budget

Fan of scoop neck tees? Silent Theory at SurfStitch has you covered. SurfStitch’s massive range also includes a decent selection of basics.

Silent Theory Tall Tees: $30 Each

Shop: SurfStitch Basics



mens fashion basics on a budget

Topman’s ‘Men’s Basics’ section is a great place for picking up the essentials on a budget. You can grab two tees for just over $20.

Raglan Sweatshirt: $36 | Skinny Joggers: $36

Shop: Topman Basics



mens fashion basics on a budget

It’s hard not to be impressed by Uniqlo’s huge selection of basics. A great, recent addition to the Australian market.

Slim-Fit Oxford Shirt: $40 | Crew Neck Tee: $8

Shop: Uniqlo


Top feature image by: River Island

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