bellroy elements
bellroy elements

Bellroy Elements | Slim Your Wallet

Melbourne based wallet brand, Bellroy are probably best known for their sleek aesthetic, environmentally conscious designs, and their ability to accommodate a great number of cards and cash while avoiding that typical wallet bulk we all love to hate. Since first landing on the scene in 2009, Bellroy have grown immensely in their stature and design, offering over eight different styles of handsomely crafted products that, as their tagline suggests, slim your wallet. With their upcoming range of never before seen designs, we can confidently say that Bellroy, as we know it, are about to get a whole lot better – yes, apparently this is possible.

Bellroy are due to drop their latest line ‘Bellroy Elements’ any day now, featuring three brand new styles, each available in three different colourways. Built with an adventurous heart in mind, Bellroy have constructed their latest designs with heavy-wearing leather and water-resistant zips, perfect for those times when you’re on the move and need that extra bit of protection for your pocket contents.

View the new range below.

Elements Travel Wallet

 Elements Travel

The ‘Elements Travel’ wallet features a water-resistant zip for weather protection, internal pockets for your passport and currency, and just like Bellroy’s original signature ‘Travel wallet’, a micro pen with an extra refill, because how often are you caught having to fill out a customs form with no pen? We’ve personally lost count.

Elements Sleeve

Elements Sleeve

The ‘Elements Sleeve’ features a pull-tab seal for protection against water and grit, a handy little key stash for your spare key, and Bellroy’s water resistant all-weather leather material. The Elements Sleeve keeps bulk to an absolute minimum, so if you’re looking for a great slimline design, you’ve met your match with this bad boy.

Elements Pocket

Elements Pocket

The Elements Pocket features a water resistant zip for weather protection, an internal pocket for folded bills and/or notes from your secret admirer, a hidden key stash, and Bellroy’s water resistant all-weather leather material.

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