converse chuck taylor
Converse Chuck Taylor

The Cheapest Place To Buy Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers

Thinking of picking up a new pair of the classic Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers? We’ve done the hard yards and gone to town on the search engines, digging around to find the cheapest place for anyone living in Australia to buy mens Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars online.

The style we chose for this search was the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi in Black Monochrome (pictured), however we did notice that most of the stores we mention below had the same prices for the black & white version.

Here’s what we found. If you want an explanation of our findings, just scroll a bit further.

UPDATED FOR 2017: Cheapest Stores To Buy Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers…

Price (AUD) Shipping (AUD) Total (AUD)
hypedc.com 99.95 6.00 $105.95
culturekings.com.au 99.95 5.00 $104.95
converse.com.au 100.00 Free $100.00
platypusshoes.com.au 100.00 Free $100.00
generalpants.com.au 100.00 Free $100.00
surfstitch.com.au 100.00 Free $100.00
theiconic.com.au 100.00 Free $100.00
gluestore.com.au 100.00 Free $100.00
Kingpin Store (eBay) 88.95 Free $88.95

What we found first was that converse.com.au and platypusshoes.com.au sell Chuck Taylors at $100.00 with free shipping.

Similarly, generalpants.com.au, surfstitch.com.au, theiconic.com.au, and gluestore.com.au are also all offering $100.00 for their Chuck Taylors. These stores also have free shipping and some easy return policies which are definitely bonuses.

Culturekings.com.au and hypedc.com are selling them for $99.95, however their postage starts at $5.00 and $6.00 respectively for Converse Chuck Taylors.

Kingpinstore.com, a Wollongong skate shop selling through their eBay store, will get you down to $88.95 with free postage.

If you’re so inclined to check out the hit or miss world of eBay, we came across a few stores like Javauu, Min-Limited, Beach85 and Apparelicks UK who are selling the Converse Chuck Taylors at questionably low prices.

(US price conversion based on an exchange rate of 1 USD = 1.33 AUD. Check the current exchange rate).

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